What is a Workcamp?

Participation in an international Summer Workcamp means voluntarily contributing to a project.  No one earns any money for such work. A Workcamp gives one the chance to get to know other people and cultures, to improve or immerse oneself in a foreign language both at work and in leisure time, and to educate oneself in social skills.  Respect for other cultures and lifestyles is a prerequisite for participation, as well as a willingness to live for a time in a community.

The Summer Workcamps in Dürnau have a special character, because the host is the Kooperative Dürnau, a collective community.  Besides the work assignments on the farm, there are also possibilities in this special social situation to learn all about other lifestyle concepts and other lines of work. 
This provides the opportunity for one to consider one's own life habits, and already many departing participants have gone forth with new motivations for designing their livestyles

Conditions for Participation