Conditions for Participation in Workcamps

Some of our programs in Germany are supported and carried out according to the directives of the Child- and Youth-development plan of the government, in that programs have an educational and social requirement.  Tourism desires have a lesser importance in the scheme.

The participants

The minimum age for our Workcamps is 18, and as a general rule a maximum age of 26. Exceptions are
possible by arrangement.
German or English language ability is necessary for all programs.

The registration is achieved via either the internet form or by mail. Upon registration, the conditions for participation are acknowledged and accepted. After receiving confirmation, the registration fee is to be transferred.
The registration fee for Workcamps in Germany is 25 Euro and is to be remitted following receipt of the confirmation

In case of cancellation, a written explanation is to be sent to the "Fercher von Steinwand" Association.
For cancellations occurring within 28 days of the program start, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. For later cancellations, or for no-shows, there will be no refund of the registration fee. Refunds will be made according to the date of arrival of the written cancellation.

Cooperation of the participant is manditory on shared work projects. By registering, the participant commits to cooperating in teamwork on respective work projects. Premature work stoppage or lack of cooperation in the workplace can lead to exclusion of the participant. The participant in this case must accept liability for all associated costs accordingly. Alteration of the exact work assignment within the written framework can with solid rationale sometimes be required and does not excuse one from the obligation of cooperation, so long as it does not lead to any unreasonable work strain.

Room and Board
For the duration of the particular program, housing and meals are freely provided in each case. Costs for transportation to and from Dürnau, individual activities, daytrips, telephone use, and similar costs are in principle not covered. Pocket money, travel costs for leisure trips, etc. must be covered by every participant for himself.

Participants in Workcamps of the "Fercher von Steinwand" Assocation are insured for the duration of the program against accident, illness, and liability damages according to the conditions and services of the "Youth Insurance Policy" (Jugendversicherungswerk) of the "Deutscher Ring" Corporation (Hamburg).

Swimming, daytrips, sports, and games are undertaken at one's own risk and responsibility.

The Host

After submitting the registration form, the participant will receive a confirmation of registration from the "Fercher von Steinwand" Association as acceptance. The acceptance of new applicants is pending the transfer of the registration fee.

The focal point of the Workcamp is at the "Hof Hausee" including the normal day-to-day farming and gardening chores. By preference or in case of bad weather, we offer additional working possibilities in other business areas. All workers are directed and supervised by staff members of the "Fercher von
Steinwand" Association.
The regular workday lasts between five and six hours.

Room and Board
During the Workcamp, the participants are housed in the buildings of the "Fercher von Steinwand" Association and the Cooperative Dürnau. The accomodations are arranged with only minimal comfort, and private room accomodation is not possible.
We offer three meals per day, that are taken together. Special dietary preferences will be taken into account as much as possible.
Free time
The landscape of "Upper Swabia" and the neighboring Alps provides worthwhile daytrips, hikes, and biketours. Nearby there are lakes for swimming and thermal baths. The cities of Stuttgart and Munich are also easily reachable.


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