Current Projects

The projects listed here are the options for assignments, that are to be undertaken in connection with the Kooperative and directed under close supervision. This list is naturally not complete, but rather only gives an overview and can change from time to time. By request, the list can be made complete. We are just as glad to answer questions as to hear new ideas that could result from your inquiries. Whoever wishes to introduce his/her own project(s) is hereby invited and supported to do so.

Network of garden paths
Sanitation of the ponds
Building of beehives

Completion of the landscape model of Hof Hausee
New planting of an ensemble of trees and shrubs between the houses

Woodshop: installation of bathrooms, masonry of interior walls, cleanup
Guesthouse: Roof restoration, interior finishing

Heating unit controller
Drafting for the construction and woodworking

Documentary video about the Kooperative Dürnau, the Workcamps and the Association
Assembly of a photo archive

Ndangi Girl School
Art project design