Sanitation of the Ponds

Section Agriculture

Location Hof Hausee

Timeframe from March, 2008

Duration unknown

Work first stage: planning and surveying
second stage: excavation work
third stage: casing construction and concreting

Participants up to six

Description The ponds have natural embankments, which unfortunately slump continually into the ponds over time. The existing slopes also promote the successful hunt of the herons, by way of having such an easy access to feeding. This work is a prerequisite for continually successful trout-farming.

Direction Johannes Loriz, Rolf Reisiger

Picturesque but problematic: the big pond. The embankments are washed away by water and gradually disappear into the pond. The result is a cumulative flattening of the upper area and a build-up of mud on the already-existing bed. The intended use of the pond for trout-farming is only possible after embankment fortification.