Network of Garden Paths

Section Agriculture

Location Hof Hausee

Timeframe immediately

Duration first stage: emplacement of border stones
second stage: paving and stone-laying work
3 weeks
8 weeks

Work measuring, excavation, concreting, stone-laying, stone-grouting

Participants 2-4

Description In order to establish tidy accessway to the garden year-round, a network of paths needs to be laid down at Hausee. The rim boundaries are set with basalt stones, and the walking surfaces are put together with scrap material from granite slabs.

Direction Rolf Reisiger, Johannes Loriz

For this pile of granite stones for the rim boundaries, we are indebted to Dimitri and Alexeji from Workcamp 2000 for their self-sacrificing effort, along with Jan. These paving stones were (with permission, of course) busted out of the streets in Koblenz and transported to Dürnau by truck.

Due to bad weather the following year, only the first section of the path construction could begin. Afterwards, in 2003, the summer dealt us some serious heat, so we had adjourned the project until the return of favourable weather and the early fall. And so now here they wait...

And thus appears the onset of the project and the work on path construction.

With the support of the Summer Workcamps, the main path but for the final eight meters has been completed. The outline and fabrication of the posts for the garden gate for enclosure are in progress.