Visitors, Guests, Helpers, Individuals under duress

Tritt ins Haus und sei mein Gast,
Draussen ist es schwüle,
Gönne deinem Herzen Rast,
Deinem Scheitel Kühle

Magst Du sein von fremdem Blut
Oder armer Gilde
Blumen trägst Du auf dem Hut
Und im Auge Milde

Fercher von Steinwand

There are many reasons for a stay in Dürnau.

Interested parties, ie. those that always want to know more, can for example learn how to live off the land, and what makes life in a community so different.

Guests that only wish to work a few days with us are also welcome and cordially invited. We enjoy variety in our community and can offer room and board virtually trouble-free. However, we ask for prior contact and notification.

WWOOFers and Helpers are naturally well-suited and are cordially invited to spend some time with us. Like anyone, those that wish to actively contribute to the thriving projects of the "Fercher von Steinwand" Association are welcome. According, those who bring along special interests and abilities can look around the Projects Pages to find something fitting. We await expectantly new ideas and projects as well.

We gladly take on apprentices, especially those that wish to stay longer. We offer nothing for FÖJ nor FSJ applicants (the German government's Volunteer Ecological/Social-work Year programs), since we view the notion of volunteerism as valuable in and of itself, and do not recognise it as a stepping-stone for career-building. Apprenticeships are possible within the particular range of activities that exist in the "Fercher von Steinwand" Association and the businesses of the Kooperative Dürnau. Because no specifics are set in stone for any program, we try instead to map out the duration, contents and goals of the work in conjunction with the apprentices on an individual basis. We regard a timeframe of between three and twelve months as sensible. A prior visit to Dürnau is essential in this case..

Individuals under duress require no special invitation. They are welcome anytime.
We can only promise our readiness to approach those people in challenging situations. We can also, with no promises, help those with school stress and drug problems, those who are simply overwhelmed and/or have domestic problems, or any other trouble that life has dealt..